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    Hey guys. Been on here forever and am always concocting some great concepts and whatnot of various things for webos and beyond, but have no development knowldedge. I've been investing alot of time in the mobile os feild however nothing comes to production because of my lack of knowledge and this I feel like I could contribute to the webos word and beyond if I learned codes. I know there's classes but they are expensive andright now it's just not an option. I hear ares is good for beginers but it still requires coding. Also want to use my own graphics to give the apps more origonality. I have also been working on an os concept. Not just a few concept pitctures like my precentral app, I actually have created several images with scenes and html links in a powerpoint presentation which actually works similarly to the way I would want the os to function. I also have plenty of written info, what I want the way development would be handled ect ect.. Over a years worth of planning and designing (designing part is still not entirely permanent, I need an audience to see the design and make sure it has general appeal, plus I seem to tweak things just a bit every so often) the only thing I have not done for that oncept is developing as I dnt have that knowledge yet.

    I of course plan on getting some devs together who are interested, but I would like to start the project so atleast maybe I can have something to show to people and I would als love to design some great apps for the pre. One of the things that my os design includes is a custom designed office suite. I would love to have this made for webos.

    my idea of development is for a platform of developing which can be freely imported and exported. I also, after seeing the hard work devs do here, would like to implement a more official patch system for the os, for example, patches would go throug testing and if they cause no problems they could be downloaded throug my os's official os market. They would be free HOWEVER, patches with highest reveiews would get evaluated for official implemntation and if that happens they devs of these apps would get a certain amount of money per every codename (project EM) device sold thereon after as well as a cash prize. Donations would also be accepted and handled throug the official store.

    I have many many ideas for both developing for webos and my own os, my question to devs is where to start on both. How do I gather the appropriate group of devs, where do I start with learning. I would really like to put my ideas to life for webos and eventually my own os.

    also what kind of protection for my ideas would I need in order to show you guys my presentation without it being taken and used. I like the idea of open sourced codes because it promotes innovation, I have a little commercial like presentation I have for friends and family which doesn't necisarily give much away aside from design and what would be important to them (social stuff, the ofice suite ect) however after being on here so long I'd need a much more detailed presentation to higligt what makes prject EM different.

    anyways any ideas on starting code and anything related t starting my os would be greatly appreciated. I have alreay started contacting some devs on here about the os prkoect so anyone interested let me know thanks.
    (if it helps it would be a linux based os like webos and android unless there is a better starting point you all may know)
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    maybe if I titled it update 1.4.5! Or c40 this thread would get attention lol
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    try summing all of that up in maybe one paragraph or a flashier title other than where to start coding, makes you look like a newb for someone with such fancy schmancy ideas.. Jus my two cents
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    I have seen a few of these and am looking into them just figured I'd start a thread myself because mine has other questions as well. Like what would be a developers ideal webos coding. Webos is css, html, css and jsjsjs, $iphone$ $is$ $c$ $and$ $c$++ $and$ $java$. $As$ $developers$ $for$ $a$ $long$ $time$ $what$ $would$ $be$ $the$ $most$ $beneficial$ $to$ $all$ $devs$ $so$ $when$ $I$ $do$ $find$ $some$ $and$ $learn$ $the$ $odes$, $me$ $and$ $those$ $devs$ $make$ $an$ $os$ $best$ $suted$ $for$ $al$ $you$ $aeesome$ $devs$
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    where to start with coding?
    ... have no development knowldedge.

    Try a "hello world" program rather than an OS. You have to learn to walk before you can run.
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    ya I know that's why I'm backtracking a bit, but at the same time, I don't want to loose my chance to get into the mobile os feild while there's still room so it's fustrating having an idea and hoping to see it alive one day but not sure if it'll be relivant by the time you can do it all yourself :/ anyway thanks I'm starting with that what oding should I learn which is best for both a future os and making apps for webos that are really good? Should I just stick with web languages? Is object c ane C++ better then what palms os is made of?
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    If you have a Pre, HTML, CSS & Javascript will keep you busy for a while. See the links provided by errade above.
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    ya that's where I'm starting

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