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    is any1 able to create apps like angry birds and doodle jump i would gladly pay money for these kind of games

    (angry birds)

    (doodle jump)

    there are so many amazing apps that we yet to see on the pre

    hopefully posted it in the correct section now lol
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    Hmm, the Angry Birds seems very interesting. I have a sort-of-similar App like that in the catalog called Bouncey, but yeah the angry birds looks very awesome. I'm personally obsessed with physics based games. This should be a challenge

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    I'm interested in making a doodle jump type of game. Would have to come up with my own take on it though.
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    high on color is allryt but its just not the same
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    angry birds requires a physics engine which I am yet to see one that is good for javascript, otherwise I would be all over developing it.
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    could this change with say future webOS updates? that sucks by the way
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    n00bftw, do you have the fund for the development? ;P

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