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    I had a bunch of records get deleted from my gMail account but fortunately disabled the sync on my phone before the delete propogated itself. I've used the "Send all contacts via email" to recover many of them, but I learned that Palm's api for emailing contacts will only retrieve those contacts that have either a phone number or an email address. Since many of my contacts have only a name and address, they weren't included.

    I thought recovery would be pretty easy once I got access to the PalmDatabase.db3 file, since I could query the contact data out myself, but I've discovered that a contact's addresses are not stored in a straight-forward manor. One would think that the com_palm_pim_Location.com_palm_pim_Contact_id would match up to a, but it doesn't in most cases. In fact, I only have one contact where this is true. All the others have a com_palm_pim_Location.com_palm_pim_Contact_id value that seems to be completely unrelated to the records in the Contacts table, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to relate these records. I've also noticed the WebOS Internals solution for extracting contacts completely ignores addresses, so I supposed I'm not the only one that found this confusing.

    Does anyone know how to extract the address data for a contacts?
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    Nevermind... I'm an *****. Having found and re-purposed a query from the net, I was erroneously restricting the results of my query results from the Contacts table to non-gmail accounts, thus it wouldn't join to the Locations table. I knew it had to be something stupid.

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