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    I don't know how hard it would be to develop, but I would like to request an app that would let me schedule shows to record on my AT&T uverse dvr. Currently I can go to a mobile site to do it but it is very slow, ugly, and confusing.
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    i'd rather have a dish network one lol....but yeah i guess an at&t for you at&t folks wouldnt be so bad either. they need to make those sites more mobile friendly, the dish network site lets you program your dvr also but it's also ugly and confusing...especially on a cell phone (which is what most people would use to program a dvr when not home...i'm guessing)...i know when i'm not home and realize i need to record something i don't think "hmmm...let me find the nearest computer"
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    yeah I have notice they are wap sites that are geared toward dumb phones.
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    According to an article posted on Engadget several weeks ago after ATT released the updated app for the Iphone, ATT mentioned that they're making the app for 'other' mobile devices as well. I guess that they'll do one for webOS just as Directv did for all mobile devices.
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    Iíve been consistently satisfied with my DISH Network and the technology that theyíre always coming out with. Last year when I started working for them they released the Sling Loaded VIP 922 receiver. I have the same great service I had before except now I have a 1 Terabyte hard drive, and I can schedule and watch all of those recordings while Iím out and about. I can even relay live TV as it airs onto my Android; this has proven to be a real delight while waiting in traffic or just anywhere bored and not at home. This isnít ugly at all.
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    We need this app!!!
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    +1 would love to use my touchpad to schedule U-verse recordings.

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