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    This might not be a feasible request but I felt I should just ask.

    I organized my Launcher in the following way:

    I have 8 pages, and I have all my apps in a categories that I created (named with Named Page Launcher Patch), so for example, all my System Utility Apps are on a page titled 'System Utilities', all my games are on a page named 'Games', etc.

    But with 8 pages, I am having to do a lot of page switching.

    I don't want to move my apps out of their current location (page) because I like how it's organized.

    So is it possible to make a patch or app, that will allow me to create a shortcut (like on a Windows PC) so I can have one page of all the apps that I use on a regular basis.

    Is it possible, does it sound like something other people would want.

    Thanks for your input.


    PS Yes, I understand that it might be too PC or Mac like, but lets face it the Quick Launcher has a 4 app limitation. If it could contain more, then I would not ask for this.
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    I believe there is a program called quick cut that allows you to make shortcuts and you could just make another page and place them there.
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    Just add another page for the category "Favorites", issue solved.

    Or, like I do, always use universal search.

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