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    okay so for my application, it is necessary to check the status of the display when it turns on, and i need it to check endlessly. I tried a loop function, and a setTimout method, but i havent gotten anything to work yet. Here's an example of what im looking for:

    new Mojo.Service.Request('palm://com.palm.display', {
    parameters:{subscribed: true},
    onSuccess: function(inResponse, state, event, subscribed) {
    if(inResponse.event === "displayOn") {
    new Mojo.Service.Request('palm://com.palm.applicationManager', {
    method: 'open',
    parameters: {
    id: '',
    params: {}

    How would i be able to make the device constantly check the display of the status and launch the calendar app when the display event returned is "displayOn"? or even repeat the whole function endlessly?

    any help is so greatly appreciated
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    no need to loop if you subscribe, make sure your getting a response at all. By parsing the response objectTojson...
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    so I should assign the whole service call to a var and the delete it to allow another update?

    this.request = new Mojo.Service.Request....
    delete this.request


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