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    Ok so right now when I press a button I have it trigger this.chooseVideo and it works fine when I have it set for an image but when I have it set for video, it won't load the file picker...

    Mojo.FilePicker.pickFile( {
    	kinds: ["video"],
    	actionName: $L("Select Video"),
    	actionType: "attach",
        onSelect: function(file){
    		imgsrc = file.fullPath;
    		this.picmodel["value"] = "Change Video";
    		this.controller.modelChanged(this.picmodel, this);
     }, this.controller.stageController);
    Is there something wrong with this?...
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    Well, I've also noticed that if I add "image" to the kinds object, it does work, but I need it to be video only...

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