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    Hi guys

    This might be very obvious but I can't for the life of me figure out the app path whem I'm using the html widget in Ares. I'm trying to access a a local image with the <img> tag and i cant get it to work. Any clues?
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    Nevermind. When I upload the app to my Pre, the image shows up even though it does not on the Ares html widget interface. That was an unfortunate time consuming learning lesson. That info would have been nice to know!!! What a waste of time trying to troubleshoot that.
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    I'll probably be running into this soon. I'm glad you posted the question and what you found. Thanks!
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    Alternatively you could use a div with background-image set in css.

    Or you could have an img element with source set at setup.
    For example in the view html file have:
    <img id="myImage"/>
    Then in the javascript assistant's setup function, set the source via:
    this.controller.get("myImage").src = Mojo.appPath + "images/imageFile.png";
    Just a few alternatives some might be interested in
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