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    Hey guys, I'm working on an app that will use the phone's location for some functions. I'm testing the getCurrentPosition method and am not excited about the results.

    Here's my call:
        this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.location', {
                accuracy: 1,
                response: 3,
                maximumAge: 0
            onSuccess: function(result) {
                Mojo.Log.error("ErrorCode: " + result.errorCode);
                Mojo.Log.error("Latitude: " + result.latitude);
                Mojo.Log.error("Longitude: " + result.longitude);
            onFailure: function() {
    I changed accuracy and response several times, then added maximumAge and kept getting a location about 10 miles from my current location. I even went outside and tried and no change. So I started up VZNavigator, which pegged my current location and then ran my app again and got within a block now.

    The previous location I was getting was the last location I was at when I used a different location app, so it seems like even with maximumAge set to 0, it's using a cached location.

    Can anyone provide any tips for using this service, or am I stuck with what I have above.

    Also, errorCode is always 0, so I am getting a location each time.


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    Also, on my phone, I have GPS on, Google Location services off and Wifi off.

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    tou will have to spend some time outdoors before the GPS can actually get a decent fix, another trick I use in my app (findmycar) is to subscribe to the gps as soon asthe app starts, so whe the user actually needs the location the gps system has some fixes ready. BUT... The gps system def. Needs work.

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