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    super simple.
    I am looking for an app that I can draw with. one I can draw up simple pictures with. why ask for a pen at a bar to sketch something when you have a Pre?
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    Paintr Lite might be suitable.
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    ahem... PicSketcher has a lot of features if you are looking into importing a picture, cropping a picture (with limitations), drawing predefined objects (like circles, squares, etc). i am working on an update now which will release as a 2.0 with some major upgrades. it will have spraypaint (example here), ability to type and add text, and hopefully will allow for landscape photos as well as portrait. the user interface will not require having the buttons on the screen (they will be in the command menu and the color picker will allow you to pick all RGB values with 35 easy presets).
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    PicSketcher is what I am looking for!

    Many thanks!
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    Scribbl is pretty good too...

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