Third-party Tools

Developers like to come up with tools to help them do their jobs more easily. Here at Palm, we've been looking at some of these tools, and would like to share them with you.

We'll start with a couple of tools that can help with your localization efforts:

* PyPalm has a "Localize" routine that will scan your application source for method calls that include "$L(...)". It extracts the keys and creates an entry in the language catalog.

* Kevin Decker's localization scanner also scans for strings that are not localized. You can tune the results by configuring mojoIgnores.jsjsjs $to$ $ignore$ $certain$ $parameters$.

Here are some more general-purpose tools:

* The webOS Development Textmate bundle adds lots of great functionality to TextMate, if that's your editor of choice. It has a wide variety of useful text entry shortcuts, can generate app and scene frameworks, invoke scripts for various functions, etc. If you're using TextMate, you'll want this bundle.

* There's also the all-purpose palm-run. You can check out Dion's blog post about how to use this Swiss Army knife of webOS development tools.

* Kevin's stage inspector let's you inspect multi-stage apps. It's still very much in the development stage, but is worth taking a look at.

We'll keep adding more as we find them. Or feel free to suggest tool to add by contacting us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We hope you'll find these useful.

(As you might imagine, Palm neither warrants these tools, supports them, nor guarantees that they'll work for you. We think you'll like them anyway!)

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