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    are we able to rename app titles? In my Launcher, I would like to be able to rename an app so the name might not be so long. I am not sure if this messes up the directory too so, not even sure if this idea is doable..

    anyone know or have the same desire?
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    oh.. know why?
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    Not without a patch. And this patch doesn't exist yet but I'm sure it's possible. Why not? You should proberly make a patch request that shows what you want. Also make a better title then in this topic . Proberly a good idea would be to combine it with the Tap to delete Patch.
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    Double post due 512 Internal Server Error. Still I'm sorry!!
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    nice,hopefully more folks will vote for this one, I'm surprised it hasent been suggested or tried to be developed yet..
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    Yes it is possible.

    You have to be able to access Your phone.
    Either using novaterm or easier with sftp (Search in the forums to install).
    Then go to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/
    There are directories for every single application., enter the directory of the application You want to rename, Edit the file "appinfo.json" change the title entry to the wanted name. Restart Luna.

    I'm not shure whether there are any Sideeffects of renaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keimix View Post
    I'm not shure whether there are any Sideeffects of renaming.
    There shouldn't be any. But still we would need a patch. It's a bit to complicated to rename the Apps for an average user. I think it's an good idea. Hate the name of nfsu!!
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    Actually, the easiest way is to use Internalz, open up the appinfo.json file, make your change, then save. Since they're located in /media you can save changes.
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