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    Everytime I try and create a new scene in Ares, I get an error and it keeps replacing my sources.json file contents with the -assistant.jsjsjs $file$ $that$ $gets$ $pushed$ $on$ $startup$. $Is$ $anyone$ $alse$ $having$ $this$ $problem$?
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    What error are you getting?
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    I think it's a bug with the new ares update. Apparently after creating a scene or two, the sources.json parses itself and creates an error. If you download the sources.json by itself and open it's contents you will note that everything is in order, however, ares still pitches a fit. I found this workaround, but hopefully there will be something less tedious. Just back-up your current 'sources.json' under your app directory by highlighting it and selecting the download option. Then delete the 'sources.json' in your app directory and then simply upload it again. Should fix your error.
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    I posted on the Palm Dev Forum and they confirmed that it was a bug. When you try to add a new scene it replaces the sources.json file with the current scene. Palm says they are in the process of fixing it but I figured out a work around. I have created new scenes successfully by selecting the sources.json file first so that its code is being viewed. If you select the +New button and add scene while on that file it seems to work properly every time.
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    oh, I hadn't tried the final Ares and in the Beta adding scenes did work

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