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    I met many very talented people at Palm Developer Day and got a great look at the possibilities the WebOS platform has to offer. I am starting an App Development company and would like to have some developers bid on the first of many projects we will be bringing to WebOS. We have a great concept & design team and are looking for talented developers to work with us on a per project basis. So all of you independent guns for hire looking for a gig, send inquiries to webosapps *at* (Sorry about the *at*, but I can't post an email address on my 1st post - I did however talk to Dieter before I posted this). I look forward to hearing from you!
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    you also looking for PDK development? we offer consulting services.
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    IT depends on what apps you want to create ! Check my apps if you're interested : Palm WebOS | ScienceApps - Palm Pre | Palm Pixi

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