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    Now, call me skeptical, but as I've been reading along about Apple's earth-shattering, revolutionary new innovations it just makes me more and more angry.

    *Full Disclosure: I am, and almost always have been a Palm user so this is more or less my own trolling/flaming/venting thread*

    That being said, let me begin:

    *I refuse to start on how utterly worthless and repetitive the iPhone really is compared to anything else that was already out in the market at the time, and how it just came out packaged a bit nicer which caused it to sell*

    Palm came out with the Foleo and got completely trashed. Now granted the Foleo hadn't been thought out entirely and was still a little rough around the edges, but the point is: it was for the same market the iPad was released. People had the same qualms for it that they had for the iPad, and yet when the iPad was released Jobs was crowned lord of the universe and the Foleo was laughed at some more.

    Fast forward a bit to recent events: Palm has "severe" hardware issues, most of which attributed to the "cheap plastic" they used instead of the all powerful Aluminum that Lord Jobs decided to invent for his revolutionary device.

    However, when the iPhone 4G is leaked, all of a sudden plastic is the most obvious and ingenious (and lets not forget revolutionary!) choice of Lord Jobs.

    From Gizmodo:
    "Why the plastic back?
    The plastic back is the most obvious of the design choices. The iPad, with its all aluminum back, has seen its Wi-Fi reception radius reduced. The 3G version comes with a large patch on the top, probably big enough to provide with good reception. But the new tiny iPhone doesn't have the luxury of space: It needs to provide as much signal as possible using a very small surface. I'm sure Jon Ive is dying to get rid of the plastic back, and go iPad-style all the way, but the wireless reception is the most important thing in a cellphone. A necessary aesthetical-functional trade-off."

    Oh, the plastic is SO OBVIOUS. My mistake. I guess everyone in the industry has been utterly stupid for not using it, and Palm had been utterly stupid FOR using it. Except when Lord Jobs uses it, it's a revolutionary break through that will win the masses of sheeple over because of its utter simplicity and ingenuity.


    I guess that's just me. I actually use my brain once in a while. My mistake.
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    I had the opportunity to play with a Pre and iPhone side by side along with the iPhone's owner a few evenings ago. The iPhone owner kept apologising for the iPhone's inadequacies, in particular the fact that it could only run one app at a time - I couldn't understand why the game we were playing quit every time I pressed the menu button. 3D performance was also poor and very jerky.

    I have failed to grasp the attraction of Apple products since the days of System... 7? and still don't. I recommend the Macbook to end users as a least worst option to a Windows laptop but I wouldn't use one myself. Apple's obsession with everything being either shiny, white or candy coloured doesn't help.

    My personal opinion is Jobs is trying to make Apple into what Next should have been.

    Cheers, Steve
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    I think the build quality of my pre plus that I got on Verizon launch day is great! I have dropped my pre plus a couple of times and do not have a scratch on the “cheap plastic case”. I did get a front coverage invisibleSHIELD because I carry it in my pocket with keys, glasses and coins and still no damage. I have no orio-effect and the all the switches and covers work fine.

    I have a friend at work who is on this 3rd Iphone because of the un-replacable battery issues. His last Iphone has a dented aluminum frame from dropping on the carpet in my office. He has had to replace the glass screen twice at his own expense ($140.00 each time) due to cracking. I would seem that the phone is no longer under warranty because he dropped it! He is now waiting for AT&T to get the pre plus so he can upgrade.
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    Plastic is light/strong material, glad to see Apple is coming around to the new millennium. The build quality of my 10 month old Pre has been great, very durable, can see my phone lasting another year easy if necessary.
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    I was playing with a friend's iPad and thought it was pretty cool, and couldn't help but think that a similar tablet PC running webOS would be an awesome device.

    But I realize it's not something we're likely to see anytime soon.
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    Seems to be a similar problem that is plaguing the "revolutionary" Nexus One (aluiminum I mean) Google No Longer Researching Nexus One 3G Problems (Phone Scoop)
    Which is probably the reason Google cancelled the Nexus One for VZW. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post
    Seems to be a similar problem that is plaguing the "revolutionary" Nexus One (aluiminum I mean) Google No Longer Researching Nexus One 3G Problems (Phone Scoop)
    Which is probably the reason Google cancelled the Nexus One for VZW. lol
    That or the incredible pretty much making the nexus irrelevant

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