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    I am putting together my next game and would like to have both a LITE and full version of the app. However, I was wondering methods brought you the best results.

    Option 1.
    Submit the LITE version of a gimped version. IE: missing features, not full game, etc. Occasionally remind them that this is the LITE version. Perhaps Ad supported as well. Only thing that concerns me is that people may not fully enjoy the gimped version and will rate it poorly.

    Option 2.
    Submit the LITE version as the full version, however, they will only be able to play X amount of times. After that, it will display a message alerting them their trial has run out and provide them with a link if they wish to purchase the full app.

    What methods have worked for you? Upsides? Downsides? etc. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Give away the full game with a third of the levels. Enough that anyone who likes the game that much is more than happy to pay for the full game. Reminder after going to close the app that this is just the cut down (or shareware, I suppose) version of the game and purchasing the full game will give you more levels, ability to edit levels, etc.

    It seemed to work out pretty well for iD. I don't know how well this would work for your game.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Quote Originally Posted by tont0r View Post
    What methods have worked for you? Upsides? Downsides? etc. Please let me know.
    i just released a game with a lite version that has limited functionality (i.e. only 1 player mode and only 1 of the three board types). it's kind of a kids game, but even i and the beta testers really enjoyed playing it. so, if they don't want to pay the $1 to upgrade to the additional functionality they will at least have a functioning free version.

    i also struggled with whether to release a full version with a limited number of plays. the only problem is that then it's easy to change a few lines of code and have the full version. it's only a small handful of people in the grand scheme of webOS that could/would do this, but it's there.

    i think either way is fine. i prefer (as a consumer) to have a limited lite version that i can play endlessly.
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    Like sbromwich said, release a game that is 1/4 or 1/3 of the full thing. It whets the appetite and most people convert to buying it so they can finish and show their appreciation for a solid game.

    Reduced functionality doesn't show how good the game will be, it just provides hope that the full game might be good.

    Limited number of plays is frustrating because sometimes you start and something interrupts you. Then you have no more plays left to evaluate the game for purchase.

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