I've always wanted a great space app for my pre. I was thinking maybe have info of all our planets, different stars, solar systems, galaxies, black holes, and all the other stuff out there in the universe. There would be info and pictures of everything. For example, I search Jupiter and it shows up. When you click on it, a bunch of information pops up and a really nice picture of Jupiter is there that you could slide your finger across to make it spin around so you can get the view of the whole planet. Taking it a little further would be to have a good looking clean map of our solar system that you can pan across, showing the sun, our planets, our moons, and being able to touch a planet or star or moon and have the information and pictures pop up. Now I'm sure this sounds like ALOT of stuff, but I'd pay $5-$10 for an app like this if anyone has the time or is able to develop this.