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    1.5.0 is definitely giving me worse battery life than did, about 10%/hour while "idle" versus maybe 4%. Going to today to see what happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brennan7 View Post
    wait which memory patches are you using then?
    I have hacked up some kernel changes to how Palm decides what is "low" memory. and make the swap be used MUCH more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    unix what is COD?
    Yes, Call of Duty.

    But that was my mistake, I meant Brothers in Arms. I had "Pre-order new COD" on my mind lately.
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    Just installed, working fine so far.
    Besides better performance, is there anything else cool we can do with this?
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    Super KO Boxing has been freezing for me while using
    I also have the Logging set to minimal
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    1.5 was running fantastic 51 hrs in the 52nd hour it crashed hard. Memory wasn't freeing up had to reboot 6 times in hour. I think I found the reason. When I would play a youtube video or any video then flicked card away the video would run in the backround. Couldn't see or here it but would keep running. Couldn't play another video after playing first time. Couldn't figure out why. But switched to stock kernel has not done it since. Not sure if anyone else had this issue or anything. Just thought I'd post it.
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    oh verizon pre plus is phone fyi
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    As a follow up from yesterday (my pre was terrible with battery on 1.5). I let it drain down and recharged but it wasn't much better. Still sucked down 10+% per hour on idle with nothing running.

    1.5.1 is much better...currently battery is 70% with 5hrs of mild use today.

    Sprint Pre (signal good on both 1.5 and 1.5.1)
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    Running well for me so far. idle drain is 1.4% on stock battery. do have the disable logging patch from mamouton and sbromwich (along with 112 other patches). Never had a tmc error with the pre plus so didnt bother with the java memory patch. I think the logging is what was responsible for my battery drain which was never all that bad but higher than it is now. every few seconds i would see the 3G icon light up for a little while even though nothing was running. would go into jstop and close everything i could and still get it. did the minimal logging from the other thread first, now the disable logging and i see a lot less of that. and i think this patch is helping also. outstanding work as always, unixpsycho.
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    this kernel seems to be the best so far for sure. Was using the 3rd gen uberkernel until today. I had found that the 3rd gen UK had something not set perfect as I'd get the TMC error quite a bit. Now, with this latest kernel released yesterday, I haven't had one TMC error AND I can have multiple 3D games open at once now.. Great work team!
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    Reporting back, didn't have the same issues as I reported yesterday, but I did have a random Luna reboot while using the phone. I had two Web cards, Facebook, and Messaging open and it didn't lock up or anything, I was actually typing and out of nowhere "Palm" was flashing before me. That was the only problem I've seen. On the other hand, not one TMC error! Keep up the good work!
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    OMG, I just had The Sims 3, Oregon Trail, Hero of Sparta, Preware, 2 Web cards and Messaging open all at once and still no TMC! Wow, and I'm not even using the earlier-mentioned patches! This is on a Sprint Pre! You're the man!
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    I was wondering if anyone else was having the issue where this kernel sticks at 500MHz after the screen comes back? I'm finding that I have to restart luna if that happens if I want to get back to 800MHz. not a big issue really since it resolves the TMC error, but I was wondering if its possible to make this kernel stick at 800MHz all the time. Can we do that, I dont think that the Govnah app can control this kernel, it reads it, but I havent been able to make the settings selected in Govnah work. Any thoughts?

    It looks like it was prolly the CPU scaler ultimate that was causing this issue. I removed it for now and havent seen the same issue. I will likely reinstall that scaler later if needed.

    I'm kind of still interested in having this specific kernel any to stick at 800MHz, is that possible?
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    can anyone point me to the disable logging patch? Is it that good? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericizzy1 View Post
    can anyone point me to the disable logging patch? Is it that good? Thanks

    1. Open the phone dialer.
    2. For Sprint/Verizon/CDMA: Dial ##5647 (##LOGS) and press SEND. For AT&T/O2/GSM: Dial #*5647# and press SEND.
    3. Tap "Change logging levels."
    4. Tap "Set logging to minimal."
    5. Tap OK to confirm.
    6. Tap OK again after it finishes.
    7. Reboot your Pre.
    8. Enjoy the performance boost!

    For more information, please see tc600's post here: Setting your logging to "minimal" really speeds up Pre!

    Or Rod Whitby's post here: Setting your logging to "minimal" really speeds up Pre!

    Please try this and post any feedback!
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    I was looking for steves DISABLE patch, not this mathhood that lowers it. Thank you. Anyone else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericizzy1 View Post
    I was looking for steves DISABLE patch, not this mathhood that lowers it. Thank you. Anyone else?

    this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpsycho View Post
    I'm not using their patches and i can run 10 or so cards and still play COD and Glyder2 all at the same time. Before i would get TMC with 2 cards open. Of course the Pre was hammering compcache but after it calmed down it worked fine.
    unixpsycho after reading this post I decided to unistall the patches I created in the possible too many cards error to see what I could do now. I have the app catalog, messaging app, nfl 2010, super ko boxing, slacker, ampache mobile, mojo messenger, jstop, Free music ringtones, pandora, mode switcher, and sims open and still have not recieved the TMC error. Posting screen shots as evidence. Because in the past this was not possible. This is a great kernel. Thanks!!!
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    hi mamouton
    i installed the disable logging patch. do you beleive it will help my pre be faster with or its not nececcery at all?
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    I uninstalled it to see if I could replicate unixpyscho's results and I could. I will try with the patches I created tomorrow. I had three of them installed. disable pm logging, disable logging and a java mod so I will apply one by one to see which one I get best results with. Being able to open all the apps I took screenshots of was way more than I expected.
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