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    I haven't programmed in a LONG time, been doing mostly DBA stuff. But i was just thinking if someone could make a small write up on a sample c/c++ hello world app... Think this would would be a good idea?
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    There really aren't any differences in the way you program using the PDK from the way you would use SDL or OpenGL ES on the desktop. The programming model is the same, it's just the hardware constraints that are different. So you can pick up pretty much any SDL or OpenGL ES tutorial and use it without much trouble. Of course I'm making the assumption that you are using the PDK for game developing and not as a plugin...

    This is a pretty good place to start with SDL: (sorry about the non-link, I haven't met the 10 posts rule yet.)

    I also opened up a small (163 lines) physics engine test using the PDK and just SDL a while back, it may help to take a look at it.

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    Thanks... i was mostly talking about regular 'complex' app. But game programming i've never done but always wanted... now you have me looking at that too.. damn you!! lol
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    The PDK has turned game development into a new time sink for me, so I know exactly how you feel.

    Palm does have an example app mixing mojo and the PDK on github at:

    That may be what you are looking for.

    - Rob
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    bump just wondering if someone can throw together a hello world c/c++ app with source code..
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    bump +2 ?
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    interested. Bump +3?
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    i guess at this point it might be better to actually write c/C++ app in Objective C (Apples version) and port it over? or is this port only good for games? as the games take over the whole screen?
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    i even show the most simplest of SDL applications
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    just saw your post... watching it now.. thanks!
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    is study

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