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    I know this is probably answered somewhere, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, but where can I found the code for open source apps? I'm learning how to develop for WebOS and looking at the code in some already made apps would help a ton.
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    All webos-internals apps are at their git repo. Git
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    I currently have my only app posted on my website, as the git repo was't working. I cannot post a link to my site because I have less than 10 posts, but it is just my name.
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    Wow thanks a lot guys for the speedy and insightful response. I really do appreciate it.
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    For other homebrew apps that are listed as open-source, check the threads in the Homebrew Forum. Each thread that announces a new app should also state how to obtain the source code if it's open-source.
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    We learned at the conference that it's up to the developer to post their code if they submit their app as open source, and they can really post it anywhere. Palm does not look at every app, but does check some, especially it seems if they're alerted to an abuse.

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