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    Hey all,

    For developer day, we rolled out a couple of new tools for webOS developers.

    Note: for both, a java-enabled, modern web browser is required (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc).

    First, a graphical debugger for v8, which can be used to debug any application, regardless of whether it was created in Ares or not. You can even debug built-in palm applications like the phone, and step through mojo code.

    URL: Palm - Ares - v8 Debugger (no sign-in required)

    Usage, until we get docs up for it:
    * Until next major webOS update, emulator is required. Have it running
    * Launch app you want to debug (you can re-launch it later if the code you want to debug happens at launch) to load JSJSJS $scripts$ $into$ $v8$ $memory$
    * Put the app ID in question into the filter field in the debugger, then click the "get scripts" button to load all of the scripts available into the dropdown (you can be more specific in the filter if your app has a ton of jsjsjs $files$)
    * Select script, set breakpoints in the gutter, hit them in the app to see the app break, then use the > console to check things out. Works similar to firebug.

    There is another tool that is less interesting, but still very useful - a standalone Ares-based log viewer, that works with the device or emulator.

    URL: Palm - Ares - Log

    That's it for now. Enjoy, and give us feedback if you try em out - positive or negative.

    -Matt McNulty
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    Re: "Until next major webOS update, emulator is required." Does this mean we'll be able to run Mojo/Ares apps in browser or what?
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    It locks up Firefox 3.6.3 on Windows Vista 32-bit. However on Safari it works perfectly. This is going to be a great tool to use during development.
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    Very cool, will have to check this out.
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    Very cool, just checked it out (Chrome on Ubuntu 9.10 32bit)

    Thank you for a great tool

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    How can I set which app to log in the log viewer?
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    I heard of this debugger for the first time this week when watching . This tool is called "standalone": Was this only a tool working online or is it still working offline (if you downloaded it at the right time)?
    At the moment I'm using eclipse and it's sometimes hard to find errors...

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