New PDK Samples on GitHub

Posted: 23 Apr 2010 01:22 PM PDT

Back in January, Palm started using GitHub as a repository for sample code and other open-source projects. We’ve got several different trees hosted there, including our collection of webos-samples, Frank W. Zammetti’s game Far Out Fowl, and the RSS reader sample app from the O’Reilly book “Palm webOS” called News.

We’re now proud to add a new tree to our forest… please give a big welcome to pdk-samples. This collection shows off our Plug-In Development Kit that’s used to turn your C and C++ code into programs for webOS.

We are starting with two chunks of code. The first is “simple” which you might recognize from the current PDK installer. It shows a rotating shape using OpenGL ES, it’s a nice piece of bling for your phone that won’t cost you $999.

The second and more extensive sample is called “shapespin”. It seems similar to “simple” at first glance, then you realize that it’s mixing Mojo-based JavaScript code with PDK-based OpenGL goodness in a way reminiscent of those peanut butter-and-chocolate cups. Not only can you adjust the rotation using a Mojo slider control, but you also can freeze its movement just by minimizing the application to a card. Lots of people have been asking for more help with hybrid apps, and here an example to get started.!+Mail