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    Hey everyone,
    So I am a Sprint Pre user with a lot of ideas for apps to build. I have a good understanding of HTML and CSS, so App development wouldn't be too difficult for me... I just don't have a whole lot of time to dedicate, and I'd much rather work with someone who is familiar with development than do it all myself.

    Basically, I'm trying to find a developer interested in working with me in one of these capacities:

    1. I'll pay them for development but then keep the App under my name and make whatever money is to be made off of it on my own (which won't be much, since some of these ideas are for free apps).

    2. They do most of the development and I'll focus on CSS, HTML, customer support and marketing of the apps. Apps will be under my name (or a company name) and I'll make a legal agreement between us to make sure you get paid through sales.

    3. I give them the idea and they develop the app as a free app, I'll handle all support emails but the app goes under their name an a separate site that I build.

    I'm not sure how likely it is that someone would be interested, but I figure I can throw the idea out there.
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    I'd possibly be interested. DM me.
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    Depends on how possible the app ideas are, and how much time to develop them.
    PM me if you want an honest opinion about your ideas - I can't promise that I'd have the time to help you though.
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    Sent both of you messages. Thanks.

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