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    Alright, so ive been doing some basic HTML, learned it from or whatever its called.
    I want to learn Java Script so i can try doing some webOS apps.
    Ive tried project ares (1.0), and Im completely lost.

    So for my first app, I want to develop some sort of text editor (like word docs to start) and have it so you can write all your docs, and then have them be uploaded to google docs for spell correction and all that stuff.
    actually, is there a sight that does spell check and gramatical error processing and what not? I think it would be cool if you could just type the document, and then have it upload to the site, and the site writes it up correctly and formats it server side.
    But anyway, how much JavaScript should I learn before I tackle webOS? I know some Java, (A little bit of GUI's, and the logic. Im somewhat good at it.)
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    check out the tutorials on palm's developer site. I also, found the intro course at to be helpful(a bit more in depth than palm's). Also, lookup Javascript DOM tutorials and Prototype( That last one is the big one. Mojo is built on Prototype so understanding how it works will help you out a lot. I usually keep the prototype referece, mojo reference,, and this site up when I'm coding. Oh, and I don't use Ares. I like Aptana(it's eclipse with a few plugins)
    As for your plan for your first app, that sounds rather identical to Scratch... Just FYI.
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    how the hell do you ppl learn javascript? holy crap it seems complicated!!! i bought a book and am TOTALLY lost. its talking about arithmetic and comparing values, etc, etc. ***? i dont think i am dumb but it seems extremely complicated! should i be learning straight up javascript? or is there a 'webos' version? is all of javascript used in webOS? im just thinking that maybe im trying to learn a bunch of crap i dont need but i dont know. any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by unfairSurprisery View Post
    . I also, found the intro course at to be helpful(a bit more in depth than palm's).
    im finding this to be very helpful in getting started. it really covers the basics. i jumped right into it and missed the basic explanation. try this!
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    I have to plug my tutorials and list of 3rd party ones via my signature.

    Javascript really isn't that bad to learn if you know another language, but if you don't, it's going to be hard. However, you do need to learn it since WebOS development relies on it.
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