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    I'd love for my Pre to recognize that I'm in my office conference room and automatically put the Pre into silent mode (or at least swtich to a different ringtone which I could prerecord as a dead air mp3 file).

    Then when I leave the conference room the Pre would automatically switch out of silent mode.

    In fact it would be great to store several other locations such as movie theatres etc that I frequent where this auto silent mode would occur.

    What do you guys think?
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    It's not a bad idea, but you'd have to poll the GPS at reasonably frequent intervals to make it work well. You'd end up putting a hurt on the battery.
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    Good point Blubble. I'd figure it would only need to poll every 5 minutes (assuming I get to my meetings 5 minutes early LOL) - would that be considered excessive polling of the GPS? Thanks
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    It can be tough to get a fix indoors, too. At least one that is accurate enough to tell if you are in a certain conference room.
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    Ok, I'm so excited about this homebrew app called ModeSwitcher that I want everyone to know about it. I can't believe its been out for several months now and I didn't even know about it.

    Although it can't pinpoint me exactly to the conference room, it's got some other amazing features that compensate for that... the 3 (combinations of) triggers it can use are...
    1) GPS location (to within 100 meters)
    2) Time of day (to within 5 minutes)
    3) Auto detect if its sitting on a touchstone or not.

    So I setup a "ringer on" (not to mention wifi on, pandora on, etc.) profile which is triggered when my phone is sitting on the touchstone at my desk. Then when I remove it from the touchstone it automatically goes into a "silent mode" profile which is great for when I'm in the conference room.

    I also created a "car mode" profile so that when the pre is sitting on my dash-mounted touchstone, it automatically sets GPS on, opens Sprint Nav, opens Acuweather, etc. Then when I leave my car (take it off the touchstone), it automatically turns GPS off, closes Sprint Nav, and closes Acuweather, etc. This app is amazing!!!

    >>>check it out here<<<
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    mode switcher should suit your needs

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