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    Hey guys,

    I'm a everyday reader, always reaserching what the community has to offer. First of all i want to thank everyone of you for doing such a great work, i appreciate everything, you guys make WebOS alot funner!

    Alright enough with the suck up..

    Just wanted to know if it was possible to come up with a patch or mod, that would allow us to modify the " Quick lauch Bar" allowing us to swipe to the left or right, for another set of quick lauch apps. instead of going through the menu looking for your apps, you can set up, up to 10 apps! on your quick lauch bar..

    For example:

    (phone) (web) (messeging) (camara) (menu) ... Swipe the Quick lunch bar to the LEFT or RIGHT and that will bring me my other set.. (Skate nation) (The sims 3) (Nova) (Family guy) (preware).. taddaaaa! lol

    I haven't herd of this on the forum, if there is such a patch please linkys to me. Hope i made myself clear too. thanks for reading. ill keep on doing looking through the forums.. =]


    Just notice someone else came up with the same Idea.. Me want this!! lol
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    Awesome idea. I would love this.
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    Sadly no the quicklaunch bar is outside of the realms of what we have access to

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