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    Why do you think the blocking files (it's not even software here, just some entries to loopback in /etc/hosts) even exist in the first place? To protect my device from malicious, obnoxious crap.
    I'm not sure of your exact intent here with that comment, but I just wanted to state this... /etc/hosts or any hosts file one a computer was not originally created to block content. It was create because, in the beginning there weren't any DNS servers.

    You are correct though, it is your device. I think people just don't agree with what your doing with your device. You and everyone else is aloud to have an opinion.

    The debate here is, if someone using this AD blocking practice is against legitimate developers, not trying to trick you, is the right thing to do. Not if your aloud to or not. We all know you can do what you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blubble View Post
    As soon as Palm lets me.
    I thought you were gonna put it out on homebrew.
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    Let's discuss that in the appropriate thread. I don't want to threadjack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyb81 View Post
    When are you releasing this app anyway?
    Hey no hijacking!...

    I too want to know this. I'm thinking sometime in the fall maybe.. when the new API comes out?
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