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    I know PDK apps require an OS update before they are released, and I've heard that they can't be run in the emulator. How then are the Devs testing their apps ahead of release?
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    They need to run an ipk to get the apps to run on the phone if I remember correctly.
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    They can compile it for intel processors and test it on a pc, or generate the ipk and test it on a real phone
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    NuttyBunny is right. The PDK ships with a set of libraries for your host machine (Mac or Windows ATM) and a set of libraries for the device. When you compile and link your PDK program you reference the libraries for either your desktop or the device.
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    Apparently not all of them will require an OS update. Palm is asking for PDK apps that are almost ready to go and able to run without installing the PDK libs on the phone because they want to release some to the app catalog early. Granted, I don't know what kind of response they have received.. I thought they would require the update too.
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    No, but those that require an os update will run on the developer's machines after running a command to do a dev only update to their devices. So developers can share with developers without them needing the os update since they've already got one.

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