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    I am sure there is an easy way to do this with how WebOS programming is set up, but I need a little help because my coding knowledge is minimal...

    A website that I like recently released an IPhone app ( OffBeat Mobile iPhone App :: offBeat :: Louisiana and New Orleans Online Music Resource ). I asked them about considering a WebOS release too, and they referred me to their IPhone optimized website ( ). Now I have 2 things I would like to fix:

    1. The website displays kinda tiny on WebOS. I think a simple meta tag can fix this

    2. I have to have web access and wait for the download/rendering every time I want to access this fairly static information. Is there some way to convert this website into an app of its own?

    I have a feeling that this might be a trivially easy effort to accomplish, and to be honest I really hope it is. I plan on converting this site into an app if possible and I'd love to see others do the same. It would really help us as a community to increase the number of available apps for the platform.
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    Hey nulall!

    This app is definitely trivial. It would make a perfect springboard into starting WebOS Programming!

    In fact, my first two apps RIPTA and Gray's Anatomy are just exactly that. Information easily available on a website pulled out and reorganized. The best part is, you can then add whatever functionality you want from that information into your app! Like... saving pages/info/images offline, adding reminders to the calendar or making notifications, etc.

    The point is, take a look at my apps and their respective web pages. It really is extremely easy.

    Don't ever hesitate asking questions for help no matter how "stupid" or "noob" you think the question is. Go ahead and make a new thread, or even PM me (or any of the awesomely helpful devs around here). We'd be glad to help!

    Good Luck!

    Looking forward to seeing your app released AT LEAST into the PC App Gallery.

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