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    Wondering if any developers were working on anything that can take the place of tapatalk for iphone/bb/android on webos, or would be interested in developing something similar. There has been a lot of discussion about people wanting tapatalk on palm devices, but the answer for all of it has been "not until webos sales pick up" So despite the fact that, (excuse me while I c&p, as this user said it best), "[there are] 800,000 webOS devices in the market via Sprint and at least 600,000 more coming via VZW (with just the Pre, not counting the Pixi) Combined with a marketplace that has carrier billed services (as opposed to the Google Checkout hurdle er requirement of Android), a high visibility on apps (with 1000 apps in marketplace) and a user base that seems to be happy embracing paid apps" there has been no talk of them actually making an app available for us Pre/Pixi users. So who wants to tackle making one of our very own? I'm not a developer myself but it doesn't SEEM like an overly complicated app? But I guess I wouldn't know!!
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