Hi all!

I can't understand how download manager works, could you please help me?
I trying to upload some photo to image service. Service wants special http headers, but I can't change standard headers.
Please look at my code:
base.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.downloadmanager/', {
	method: 'upload',
	parameters: {
		'fileName': base.IMAGE_FILE,
		'url': 'http://api-fotki.yandex.ru/api/users/shura0/photos/',
		'contentType': 'image/png',
		'subscribe': 'true',
		'postParameters': [
			{key: 'Slug',data: 'photo.jpg'}, 
			{key: 'Authorization',data: 'FimpToken realm="fotki.yandex.ru", token=' + base.TOKEN},
			{key: 'Content-Type',data: 'image/png'}
		'customHttpHeaders':["Authorization",'FimpToken realm="fotki.yandex.ru", token=' + base.TOKEN]
		onSuccess: function(resp){
			Mojo.Log.error('Success : ' + Object.toJSON(resp));
		onFailure: function(e){
			Mojo.Log.error('Failure : ' + Object.toJSON(e));
As I understand all right. But in fact palm sends other request:
POST /api/users/shura0/photos/ HTTP/1.1
Host: api-fotki.yandex.ru
Accept: */*
Content-Length: 159464
Expect: 100-continue
Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=----------------------------694e4d523e61
Why my headers is missing? Where I'm wrong?