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    Just getting started on developing and as i was installing the software, i.e. the virtualbox, i got a message at the very end of the install.

    'The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatability with Windows XP.'

    Then it goes on to another paragraph saying how finishing the install could potentially 'impair or destabalize the correct operation of your system'.

    I am new to this and would truly appreciate any help i can get, as I hold much respect for your work and for your experience.

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    Yes it's safe the warnings are just m$ covering their ***
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    When I installed the palm sdk and vbox for windows xp, in July last year, I crashed winxp not once but twice... Got the blue screen right after the installation it request reboot. Ahhh.. Reinstalled winxp pro twice that week, just to get filecoaster... Good

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