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    Any particular reason why the Pre doesn't/couldn't support IPV6? Is it possible that the custom kernels and associated modules could include it?

    I realize that most (if not all) of the wireless carriers don't support IPV6 (yet), but considering that WebOS supports tun/tap, 6to4 should work. Obviously it could work over wifi (like Android). Love to be able to use it instead of OpenVPN.
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    I compiled IPv6 in to one of my test kernels for SNG and booted it. The pre hung and gave me a swirling animation I've never seen before, then after a minute or so rebooted. At a guess it makes a mess of trying to autoconfigure and my carrier (Bell) issued a PFO on my phone.

    I suspect it would take quite some work to get going, and my hunch my carrier (who is using NAT and RFC1918 address space... *sigh*) won't insist on supporting IPv6 until they're dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, so I wouldn't expect to see it for quite a while, even once the IPv4 space runs out.

    Cheers, Steve
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    I'd appreciate an IPv6 kernel very much. Perferably with an aiccu userland app to connect to SixXS.

    Oh, wait - aiccu is already in the optware repository...

    So - greatly appreciated...

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