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    Hi there. If you have an idea and want to create an app for the Pre/Pixi, what's the best way to go about it, IF, you don't know how develop. Any direction would be good.
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    First off if it's an app that utilizes the mic don't bother it can't be done yet but if not you should definitely start with this book Palm webOS (9780596155254): Mitch Allen: Books
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    I would recommend learning html, css ,and javascript. It will take a while to learn, so patience will be needed.

    apperently this is a good site(haven't used it, plan on learning durring the summer):link
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    hmmm, i'm the idea guy, and have 0 down time cause of my job to do any learning..however if anyone is interested, i'll just shoot my idea out there and maybe someone can jump on it and make some money. PM if you want.
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    Hey had several people interested, maybe we can make a group off this idea. This is what I sent over to them:

    My app idea is a social cell phone dating/network just for smart phones. No home computers included( I left this part out in my PMs) The direction trend I see is that people are logging into existing websites for social networking through apps, or computers, why not make an app exclusive for smart phones or PRE's for social networking/dating. It's new and people want "new". Smart phones have all the capable means of social networking, but nothing is exclusive yet, which is why this idea has major potential. Upload videos to your network, pictures, updates (all the common stuff). Sell the app for .99 or make it free and rely on ads to generate revenue. Start off with a PRE network for people here then branch out to other phones if it's successful. There would have to be some server side networking, but I don't know enough about that kind of stuff.

    Can you imagine if the iPhone had this? All the elitist iPhone users would kill to have their own private social networking. Let PRE be the first.

    This could actually save the PRE in some ways if a lot of people networked and it was exclusive. Think of it like an XBOX live network or a PS3 network and only the PRE has it and it's successful. Either way, there's my idea, and knowing me, this will most likely happen as I always have the idea and it gets made under my feet.
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    i wonder what percentage of smartphone users are male? maybe make it a gay dating service, lol! (being a smartass but maybe this is a good angle....)
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    There is a Gay dating app on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Blackberry. I've never seen it in action. I think you activate your profile when you want to connect with someone and it used GPS to place an icon on a map. Then you can click on nearby guys on the map and see a PG rated profile. If you want, you can message that person. I don't know any details though.
    If you Google Grindr, you can see their website. Click on "I Don't Have an iPhone", and a window will pop up where you can request they add the Palm Pre, or Pixi and leave an email address. If the cool straight guys and girls could help us out and vote for Palm also, that would be really nice (you don't have to leave contact info). More votes would inspire them to build it.

    I really don't know details but would love to try it.

    I wish I knew of a forum where Gay Palm device owners could connect. Anyone know of such a Forum? I stumbled onto this gallery that functions excellently with the WebOS interface. It isn't something I could point to on these forums.
    Pvt msg me if you know of a forum where we could discuss our love of our Palm devices without worrying about kiddos.

    I don't like any of our current RSS readers.

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