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    YinzCam has created a Pens hockey app for iPhone and Android and is currently working on one for Blackberry. Show your support for a WebOS app by visiting their Facebook page: Facebook dot com slash yinzcam

    GO PENS!
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    Thanks me for sending them an e-mail and asking about a Webos version yesterday :P Here was their response:

    Thanks for your interest. For now, we're pushing on Blackberry, but we will certainly support any platform that there is user demand for.

    Could you do me a favor, and head over to YinzCam | Facebook and click on the latest wall-post about a Palm version (triggered by you ;-) and add your thoughts there? Encourage other Palm users to add their feedback as well, if possible. This will give us some idea of user demand as well as which platform to support.
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    Go Blackhawks!
    Wifi Media Sync 3.0 now available for PC and Mac OSX.
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    Lets go Flyers!

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