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    I don't know if anyone has already requested this or if there is already a method to do this but I often travel out of the country and put my phone in airplane mode to avoid ridiculous data/call roaming costs. However, there's been times I'd have loved to use my GPS for things like Jogger app, Foursquare/GoWalla, etc. Anyone know of a way to have airplane mode on yet enable GPS?
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    not possible ur turning the phones radio off when you do that so the gps doesn't work.
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    my gps works in airplane mode, just nothing that uses agps or data will work, will slow down acquisition times and be alittle less accurate
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    I haven't used any of the apps you mentioned, but I don't see any reason the GPS itself won't work in airplane mode. You can download the patch to add a toggle switch for just the GPS.

    Like bdog421 said though, it'll probably be pointless for a lot of apps unless they have their own maps included or cached since you wont be using data.
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    Well I would be using data in the form of a WIFI connection if trying to use FourSquare or GoWalla. But, I tried to load Jogger App in Cancun while in airplane mode back in January and it wouldn't pickup a GPS signal and I know it doesn't touch data. Maybe I'll try out the GPS toggle switch patch combined with airplane mode and experiment.

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