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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokafondo View Post
    I can help with spanish localization.
    Often overlooked, but very useful. Thanx.
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    PreDocs = bad idea for a name.

    Palm won't let you call it that if you ever want it in the App Catalog, so you'd probably be best off just choosing a different name for it now.
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    Prior to the SourceForge forum getting started, let me start here by saying that we should use every tool available to us and that will likely mean some C/C++.

    There are a couple notepad apps for webOS already. Are any of them open source to maybe get a start with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    PreDocs = bad idea for a name.

    Palm won't let you call it that if you ever want it in the App Catalog, so you'd probably be best off just choosing a different name for it now.
    For this project to have any real impact it has to get into the app catalog, so yeah, a name change is needed. But it will come when it comes.
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    Hi folks

    Great idea.

    1) Upfront: Accept my moral support for the project.
    2) If needed, I could help out on German translation.
    3) Somed ideas:
    - please support ODF (1.Priority, and only 2.Prio proprietary formats like M$ Office)
    - check out this website
    Might be worth to join forces
    - THIS might be helpful as well (XMerge - Document Editing on Small Devices)
    - some info for something "similar" on Symbian

    Just some thoughts from the alps. ;

    Best wishes from Switzerland,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    Often overlooked, but very useful. Thanx.
    Well, I'm a native speaker, and could transate from english to spanish with no hassle. Not like the automatic (and weird funny) translation may apps have.

    So count me in for that.
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    Odds are VERY high that we will have to look to some open source solutions that are out there... and again will prob have to be in c/c++ for it to have some zip to it. I really wouldn't know where to start...

    maybe a notepad like stated above... then try and add aspell to it for now for spell checking.. and then a send to email/sms?
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    I'm not a dev but... is some sort of front-end for GoogleDocs any kind of option?
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    I tell you all what. Whether you have c++/ Javascript or whatever. IM me here on The same goes for those who can speak other languages other than english who would like to work on localization. If your a graphic artist, please do the same. Of course this is for those interested in joining the project to help develop it.

    Send me an IM with your sourceforge id, and give me a list of your skills and what you are willing to accomplish. After that, I will open a thread to introduce ourselves and start planning the development of the suite. I have been receiving soo many emails and im's from Sourceforge that I am getting a bit confused. So best thing to do is to IM me here and I will add you on sourceforge.

    For the time being though, no beta testing applications yet. When we neeed beta-testers we will post a thread for it. Thanks for everyone's advice and participation.
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    Is there any open source solution to use as source for something, or you plan to do it from scratch?

    I can't figure the time it will cost to make something like that in pure JSJSJS $from$ $scratch$...
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    Well that will be something we will discuss together as a team once I get the team together. I think it would be awesome to be able to base it off other sourcecode. But I think that would take too much time to do trying to interpret the code. I think if softmaker had released their source code, we could have used that since they have versions for Linux and Windows Mobile. It would have given us a good start to the development.

    Personally I was leaning towards the SDK at first because it has a richtext editor control available to it. But then it dawned on me that there wouldn't be many practical ways to develop a spreadsheet editing app. We will have to talk it over together.
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    Anyone going to Palm Developer Day? Perhaps if there is a QA session, someone could ask for the best approach for this. I am wondering if we can get some official support from Palm for this too since its opensource and its only known bet to get an office suite on WebOS.
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    OK, I have accepted some members to the project and am hoping to get a lot more. Please IM Me. Once you have been accepted, go to this link here to begin discussion:
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    Hey guys!! Congrats on the initiative, and I will definitely donate once this is up and running.. I wish I could help with programming too, but I guess all I can help with is testing

    I had an idea though, rather than basing the office suite off CSS/HTML etc, why don't you guys use Java as the primary coding environment? Preware is a good example of a Java Program running on webOS.

    ... the added advantage would also come from the ability to look at OpenOffice's source code as a way to speed up development! Source code directories - Wiki
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    I'm not a programmer in the slightest. Just a suggestion- please don't make it a front-end for a web-based service that won't work without a Internet connection. For those of us who work in rural office type buildings (clinics) data and sometimes even cell phone connections are often unreliable or absent. I would pay for an app that lets me read my old RTF (Palm Wordsmith) medical "pearl" notes and update or add new ones, without an internet connection. support for a Bluetooth keyboard (when Palm makes the interface) would be great, too, so I could take notes like I used to with Palms before the Centro.

    just my 2cents. I will be happy to beta test it.
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    Wow; you guys are heroes.

    In the mean time, for anyone who's interested, here's the stopgap solution I've been using for Docs to Go in Classic since 6/09:
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