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    I do not really care how many Game they can port to WebOS using PDK. If somebody can bring a turn by turn navigation app into my pre, I will be happy.

    You probably do not care if you are with sprint. However, It is a big issue if you are out of US: there is nothing available! I had to bring my treo 650 with me when I am travelling. Even for our friends in US, you probably want choice. Also Verizon charges for it monthly.

    There are quite a lot of Navigation app on iphone OS already. All what I want is just something like Tomtom or Garmin in PalmOS, preferably with map offline in the phone - I do not care even if it take one or two G of my space.
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    That would be great for us, european users.

    Does anybody know of any project or announcement about it?
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    why do we al not start bugging them and asking TomTom and Navteq to port their iphone apps to webos app so we all can enjoy navigation on this wonderful platform, community effort haha
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    navit doesn't seem to work verry well for me. I downloaded US map and it doesn't have alot of roads in my erea that have bean there for over 20 years.

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