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    Would it be possible to create an app/patch that detects when the wifi link is active (read: connected to an access point) and automatically disable the 3g radio to save battery?

    When I'm at home I have an airave for voice connectivity, but the nearest sprint tower is far away and the phone expends alot of energy trying to maintain an evdo link that isn't used. I can turn it on and off manually, but it would be cool if someone could figure out a way to make that seamless. My phone spends 80%+ of its time at home or at work where wifi is on and active. I only need evdo when I'm out and about.

    - Evan
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    EVDO is disabled by default when connected to wifi.

    And voice only uses 1x. 3g/evdo is for data only.

    Maybe i dont understand you issue.
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    the phone only enables the data radio it's using. Priority goes wifi, 3g, 2g. That said. If you are on a 2g connection the phone will periodically check your 3g radio for a connection but it doesn't really affect battery life. Some people have, however, reported using the 3g/2g toggle patch to stay connected to 3g towers in border areas.

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