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    Just had this thought regarding accessing the mic api for apps...probably a temporary thing but here it goes.

    Since the implementation of the video recording...when listening to Music Player(remix) and i launch the camera app the music pauses, most likely due to the video recording aspect of the

    Would it be possible for developers to have an app launch the camera/video camera api(which i think Palm said is now possible) and just use the video aspect of it or something to capture audio.

    Just a thought....and would it be possible?
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    Or to be able to control the audio when recording video? Live music is peaked out on all of my videos because i cannot turn the mic down
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    The problem with recording live music is not necessarily the sensitivity, normalization, or volume.

    The problem is, the mic's frequency response maxes out at something like 3.5k, which is basically terrible for audio recording. You /can/ however use an external microphone hacked into the headset jack, if you really wanted to.
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