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    Just curious, I just installed Mobile Hotspot on my Sprint Pre and it works like a charm. However, I had a friend warn me that if I use it too much or if Sprint catches me using it they will cancel my data plan. Is there any truth to this?! If so, what are some ways to avoid being discovered? I'm on a family plan of sorts and I think I would have some angry people on my hands if they lost data capabilities haha. Thanks!
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    If you make it obvious by going over your hard to reach 5GB, then yes they might catch on. Just be responsible when you are using it thats all you have to do
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    According to Sprint's Acceptable Use Policy, they have the right to cancel your account if you tether with your Pre. However, no one has mentioned being detected so far.
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    mmmk is that 5gb per month? and per phone? because i know personally ive racked up around 2-3gb in a month on the bill
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    Its per billing cycle per month, and for each phone on your plan i want to say, it would not make sense for only a 5gb limit for lets say 5 lines or so lol
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    wasn't there some debate whether the 5GB didn't apply to smartphones? I thought the 5GB clause was for data cards only.
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    Yeah wait, what? Isn't Sprint's Unlimited Plan for smartphones, y'know, UNLIMITED? Somebody please clarify.
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    I have *two phone lines, a pre and my pixi, the pre has been averaging about 5.5gb per month (no tethering at all) since sept. and I haven't heard anything from sprint.

    my 2 cents
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    thanks for the responses... im a little less worried now haha, but does anyone know whether the 5gb applies to smart phones too?
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    I was reading at crackberry and it seems that the 5gb cap is only for card phones, not smartphones. However, they say that our phones have a softcap at 5gb where a red flag will be raised if you use more than this amount. With this said, some users are reporting as high as 9gb per month while tethering so i dont think i will worry right now haha
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    There is no data cap on phones with Sprint, just data cards have that. With that said, I suggest not going out of your way to use every last bit of 3G bandwidth you can. Sprint is nice enough to not hassle us yet, I wouldn't try to kill the network and pressure them into enforcing/imposing limits and rules.
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    Is there a way to see how much data you're using per month? I just signed up with Sprint and haven't gotten my first full month's bill yet so I don't know if this info is on the bill or not...
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    Quote Originally Posted by glassadam View Post
    Is there a way to see how much data you're using per month? I just signed up with Sprint and haven't gotten my first full month's bill yet so I don't know if this info is on the bill or not...
    You can log into your account at and see your data usage.
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    Sign into your account here
    and you can see your current data usage.

    We can go round and round about what "Unlimited" means, but
    in all the time I've been on the internet and had access to various "unlimited"
    plans be it, dial-up, DSL, and Cable ISPs, web hosting, or cellular plans,
    none of them were truly unlimited.
    Basically if you just keep pushing your data usage to extremes every month
    they will *always* find a clause in the contract that allows them to
    modify or cancel your service.

    Tethering is *specifically* not allowed in your Sprint Pre's contract
    and if they wanted to detect whether you were tethering it'd
    be quite easy to do by looking at the nature of the data moving
    through their network from your device. PC based browsers and
    apps just don't look the same as mobile based browsers and apps
    from a network usage perspective. The reality is that for now
    they appear to not be going out of their way to look for people who
    are tethering, and if folks are smart about how they do it, there's
    no reason they should start.

    But if you fire up MyTether or Mobile Hotspot on your Sprint Pre,
    and then proceed to get your 5 buddies connected to do online
    gaming, or you run a BitTorrent client, or download a few GB movies,
    then you can be sure they'll eventually be forced to care and when
    that happens it'll hurt everyone else who uses tethering responsibly.

    Of course this line of reasoning is fairly meaningless to the "But they said
    unlimited data so I'm damn well going to use unlimited data" type of people.

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    As far as what the contract says, the only ones that specifcally state "no tethering" are the $69.99 and $89.99 plans. But, i've gone over 5gb at least 3 out of the 5 months and never got a warning. I did get a bogus $9.99 charge from some ringtone BS, but that was unrelated and for another post.
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    I have a friend who works at Sprint. He said there is no 5g hard cap on smart phone data plans. He also said there is no way for them to know who is actually using a hot spot or tether app. In addition, it is very difficult to go over 5g's of data on a smart phone. Generally, one needs to be streaming a massive amount of videos, movies, or online games to do this. Since no one sits in their house and watches videos or plays games all day and everyday on a cell phone, it does not happen often...but it happens very easily on a computer and that is why they will know.

    You can log onto sprint to see your data usage just as Garrett92C said above, but there is also a phone app that was designed for those with limited data plans (but not many people who have Pres have limited data plans) that tells you how much data you have used. I have seen it, but can not remember the name off hand ( I think it is called Irish something).

    With all that said...Sprint absolutely does still pay attention to who uses a large amount of data on a regular basis. Meaning that if you hit hit 5gs every month for six months or 10gs for three months in a row, then Sprint will know that not only are you using an illegal data app, but perhaps you are also allowing friends or family members to hop on your hot spot.

    Right now only a fraction of the Palm Pre users have the technical savvy to even obtain the illegal data apps, so it is not a top priority for them, but be careful or you will get a call from sprint if they do suspect you are using a tether or a host spot app. If they are confident that you are using one of the aforementioned illegal apps then they WILL cancel your data plan. My friend from Sprint said it has only happened with the most egregious abusers.

    Note: When you read the fine print of your agreement, you will find that Sprint can cancel our contracts for just about any reason they want with few limitations and for little consideration or compensation.
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    They do cancel me and it's their loss. I'm free to go anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever92 View Post
    They do cancel me and it's their loss. I'm free to go anywhere.
    Ya, because there are *so many* other carriers that offer unlimited
    text & data & cell to cell minutes for $69/month. Their loss.

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    i'll agree that they can't tell the difference between normal webos data use and tethering data use if you use just the data for ONE tether but i bet they can see the double or triple data use if you make a "hot spot" and will make a stink if you are a newer or low $ customer for them. i can't see them winning an argument about it with ME, the 10yr uber customer with the family plan of >$160/mo though...... so i think it also depends on how you use the tether and how much $$$ you've given them over the years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever92 View Post
    They do cancel me and it's their loss. I'm free to go anywhere.
    In addition to the account getting terminated, they also charge you the ETF. They do this because you technically violated the contract with tethering. I'm also not sure if porting your number out would go so well after that...
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