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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    In addition to the account getting terminated, they also charge you the ETF. They do this because you technically violated the contract with tethering. I'm also not sure if porting your number out would go so well after that...
    We don't know this but I would suspect it is possible or even likely depending on circumstances, history, etc....
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcgee View Post
    We don't know this but I would suspect it is possible or even likely depending on circumstances, history, etc....
    I believe it says this in the Acceptable Use policy. Let me go look it over real quick.

    Most people really have nothing to worry about. As long as you don't stream audio/video or torrent a lot you'll be fine.
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    thinking about this from a customer retention and business standpoint, it would probably cost sprint real money to sniff out a tethering person and then file that, and deal with the customer calls, subsequent complaints ect. More importantly they loose a lucrative smartphone contract worth 1600 bucks over two years.

    I would imagine that sprint isn't going to care if all you are doing is accessing similar data to that available on the phone (web email maybe a youtube vid)

    it probably only makes sense to cancel a contract and deal with the customer relations headaches when a user is flagrently abusing sprints data systems.

    it's not like you are sneaking data onto a talk only contract, so just don't go nuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menace187 View Post
    If you make it obvious by going over your hard to reach 5GB, then yes they might catch on. Just be responsible when you are using it thats all you have to do
    Quote Originally Posted by jgrey View Post
    I have a friend who works at Sprint. He said there is no 5g hard cap on smart phone data plans. He also said there is no way for them to know who is actually using a hot spot or tether app. ......
    That's what I thought. No one has been able to produce a documents stating a 5GB hard cap on smartphones; data cards only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever92 View Post
    They do cancel me and it's their loss. I'm free to go anywhere.
    lol i was thinking the same thing....this is my first year with sprint lol
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