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    I know absolutely nothing about software development... except that I love the people who do it.

    What I'm wondering is whether Apple's new restrictions on how code can be written for approved apps will affect the ability of developers to port apps to webOS using the PDK...
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    Call me crazy but I think that's exactly what it's for. Palm touts how easy it is to port iphone apps, a few months later Apple changes the game making it harder. Not to mention, the way iphone 4.0 will "multitask" means changing existing apps to meet the requirements to run apples background services making it that much harder. It's like the Palm/itunes mess all over again... except this one was a good idea for Palm. Just my $0.02
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    They can still port it, they just can't use a software that makes it for the pre, and iphone at the same time.. (such software doesn't exist, but should be possible)
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    Apple are some haterz, They know that webos is the best and will do anything to play with developer minds to make it harder
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    That software DOES exist, its called airplay 4.2, even though its not out yet, only 4.1 is out, but version 4.2 supports palm's webOS as well as iphone, and psp, and several other devices.

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    To me it just seems like they were trying to slap palm in the face. I know that obviously wasn't Apples only concern but not being able to touch Palm for fear of a patent war clamping down and making it harder to port apps despite the PDK seems like the next logical step. One of these days Steve Jobs is gonna fall off his high horse and hopefully apple will go all Christopher Reeves... (Did I actually just type that???) I give them credit for starting the ideological movement that eventually gave us the Pre and webOS but they have such an ego in Cupertino that it really is disgusting. Googles getting to be the same way, it's a shame how such good foundations can turn into companies with a god complex.

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