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    I loveeee the on-screen keyboard now that I figured out how to personalize it to my liking, but it's not as efficient if there is no way to SMS in landscape mode. In the past, porting this patch has taken no more than a couple weeks, but since the release of on my Sprint Pre, I'm starting to hate effing up every other word, and the slide out keyboard is just a pain-in-the-*** while the cover I have makes it difficult to slide out.

    Any thoughts, ideas, comments, or even FACTS about why so many hugely popular patches are taking so long? (Besides the fact that different carriers are now on different versions of webOS 1.4.x)
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    Maybe the developer is busy they do have lives outside of making patches for webos
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    That makes no sense to me.

    WebOS IS life.
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    hmm i didn't even know it wasn't working.
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    Every time i get an update i always have at least one patch that gives me a hard time (this time around was remover nascar and amazon)....

    what i had to do ( just to be sure to get it to work, i did each patch, one at a time) was to remove the patch, restart the phone, reopen preware, reinstall patch, and restart the phone again. (like as opposed to waiting till u have a bunch of stuff done and doing it all at once.

    give that a try and see what happens
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    I'll be really honest with you. This is probably about a 15-20 minute fix max.

    Just no one has gotten around to it.

    The main patch upkeeper dude in Webos Internals has been very busy lately, and the patch maintainer for that patch hasn't gotten to it.

    Anyone is welcome to fix it and resubmit it. I understand that people need/use it. The trick is someone who uses it bother a dev enough to fix it. In reality, most developers probably do /not/ use it, hence the issue.

    I would myself, but I'm working on at least 3 different projects at the moment, like most, plus we all have our day jobs.
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