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    I installed the 800 MHz IPK last week, and noticed the other day neither of the two 3D games I purchased (Let's Golf and Shrek Kart) are working anymore. They both come up as black screens, though sometimes I can hear the sound in the background. Sometimes I can close the apps, and sometimes the phone hangs and resets itself.

    There are possible other culprits other than the 800MHz patch, but I wondered if anyone else has had this problem?
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    that's not the 800mhz sounds more like a memory leak try installing and running jstop to free up some memory
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    3D games run fine for me (at 800mhz)
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    I've got that same problem, and it only happened after i upgraded to, before that they were fine with the patch

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    I tested the 3D game Lets Golf you mentioned and its working fine on the 800mhz ipk.
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    no problems here.
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    if you have more than 1gb of games it messes ur pre up
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    if you have more than 1gb of games it messes ur pre up
    why might I ask? I thought that was only when doing a restore.

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