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    Sprint Pre with WebOS with Preware.
    After uninstalling the "new card for each messaging conversation" patch, the messaging icon does not launch the application anymore. Reinstall and uninstall the patch, don't help.
    If I run the Preware "scan" from the preware manager, the icon launch the app once but it just stay at the blinking card forever.
    If I go to the contact list and select the sms button, it will open the messaging app but not able to go to the messaging top menu nor select its preference.
    I uninstall all pre patches, and the issue is still the same. Is there a way to reinstall back to my sprint pre without webdoctor it, I don't want to lose messaging and call data history, OR a way to tweak the webos version in the pre, so the update logic will request the download.
    I'm just hopping that reinstalling the webos will fix the icon link.

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    Is there a WebOS repair out for
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    Thanks for referring the WebOS Repait Utility tool, but the issue doesn't go away.

    I scan the pre with the WebOS Repair Utility 2.01, and it shows 2 files are different.
    - /etc/udev/mount.blacklist
    - /etc/version

    In my phone:
    root@palm-webos-device: cat /etc/udev/mount.blacklist
    root@palm-webos-device: cat /etc/version

    [there are two "rootfs" in the mount.blacklist], is this normal?


    In the webosdoctor.jar for Sprint Pre:
    root@palm-webos-device: cat /etc/udev/mount.blacklist
    root@palm-webos-device: cat /etc/version

    So, I let the tool to modify both files, and now everything is the same (I reran the tool), but the issue does not go away. I'm still not able to launch the messaging app; same behavior. My next guess is the messaging data in the PalmDatabase.db3 is corrupted, because I'm not able to see the chat history for one person (only one person, and it's a yahoo im). Other chat history from messaging users display properly.
    Can I pull PalmDatabase.db3, modify data in it (I want to purge the history data from that one user) and put it back in the pre? Is this possible?
    What sqlite version is used in WebOS 1.4, is it 3.6.20?
    Anybody knows which table that store the chat history?

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    try just resetting the whole thing, it erases everything though.
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    Just curious, but have you restarted your Pre? I only ask because you didn't specifically mention doing this.
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    The utility tool resets the phone automatically after modifying both files, and I also restart the phone manually, a few times. Still no luck
    I'm trying to preserve the history messaging data, that's why I haven't webosdoctor the phone.

    Anybody knows if I remove the yahoo account from the phone, and resync it, will it remove all the yahoo users from the contact information?
    if so..., by removing the user from contact information, will it also remove all the history messaging data from the database for those users?

    I just want to delete one contact, but pre cannot delete a contact information that is coming from yahoo account (not allowed by webos). So, I delete one contact from my yahoo account at the yahoo website, and resync yahoo with pre. But that user still exists in the pre contact list, even the user does not exist in my yahoo account anymore. Palm Synergy only works one way & one time? It doesn't sound right... any idea?

    Thanks for the inputs....
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    did you ever have any luck with this? the same thing happened to my phone after I installed the update. the messages will not launch and I cant send or receive texts

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