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    Take private pictures and Record Private Videos on your phone (Perfect for those who're up to no good )
    **Note, currently, you can't import pre-existing media. You can only add new media using the App
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    I will get this the second I can use my existing media. Is there a way to access the folder it uses now? Like, could I plug my Pre into my comp, go into USB mode, find the folder, and manually copy my existing media over to the folder? Or do we really have to wait for an update to the app?
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    It's a Nice App that I have been waiting for that I recommend, but it has lots of room for improvement.

    Must have feature.
    1. The Ability to Copy/Move existing Videos/Pictures on the Phone without the need for the USB import and having to know the name of the files (kinda of pain really)

    Wish List
    I am stealing these from an iPhone App a friend of mine has.

    1. If someone keys in a FAKE password (alternate password) it opens a FAKE Area with family friendly content . (To make them think it's the real MediaVault)
    2. If you shake the Phone it switches to the FAKE area. Again to protect you if someone walks up and wants to see what you are lookng at.
    3. A quick double Tab to again, switch to the FAKE area.
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    One Question, is it possible to add existing media into the vault?

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