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    Dear developers,

    No-one seems to be writing any UK specific apps, which is a shame.
    I think the first Dev to produce something UK specific will have a hit on their hand for uniqueness if nothing else.

    the UK government is allowing access to lots of APIs to encourage use of government data.

    Show Us a Better Way: What public data is already available?

    There are several threads on precentral with people looking for a tube app, or a general transport app (for buses, trains and tube). You could use the API that locates all bus stops/train staions to find the nearest one to you using GPS, then the transport API to find the next bus/train due (for example).

    Is anyone out there who fancies giving a UK app a go? Not living in the UK shouldn't be a problem as theres plenty of willing beta testers here at precentral.
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    I think I'm going to do an auto maintenance database next, but that shouldn't take long, so maybe I'll do this next. Sounds interesting.
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    As mentioned in other threads, I'd LOVE to see a UK transport map. Living in the Greater London area, it'd be brilliant to have an app with National Rail, Overground, Underground, Bus, Tram, etc. information.
    I think the first developer to create such an app absolutely would have a very popular app. It's a shame the Pre doesn't have one already.
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    Since I'm in the middle of the US, and having never been to the UK - which of those APIs would be best to use for making a 'tube' (or public transport in general) app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jason.o View Post
    Since I'm in the middle of the US, and having never been to the UK - which of those APIs would be best to use for making a 'tube' (or public transport in general) app?
    take a trip over the pond and write it off as a business expense for this app!
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    I second this, the transport apps dont affect me so much, sat nav would be more handy but Id love some kind of UK sports updates app, would definatly pay good money for something along those lines
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanerooni View Post
    take a trip over the pond and write it off as a business expense for this app!
    I would love to, but my current app sales wouldn't quite pay for it.
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    I would love to work on a UK public transit app, but none of those links seem to give me an API for the schedules or real time tracking of anything. the site just gives you the names of every public transit point, but no other meaningful data.

    Do you have any other sources for public transit stuff? I couldn't find any with google.

    I'm from Oregon by the way
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    I think you need access to the transport direct api which includes the
    "The National Public Transport Data Repository feed".
    to get access to this you need to email and request access - telling him what you want to do, ie develop a palm pre app.

    If there's any problem with you being a non uk citizen (i doubt it and i wouldn't mention it), then pm me and i'll apply for access.
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    i'm the developer of the swiss public transport app (fahrplan zvv and fahrplan sbb) and i could adapt my app to work in the uk. is there a website to use that gives you train connection information from a to b?

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    Here are some links people wishing to make a UK travel app may find useful. Firstly, it would appear National Rail don't have a public API and have a very closed data model. Existing websites which relay NR data seem to do so via screen scraping rather than a public API.

    Transport for London however seems to have a number of public APIs, some of which give information on National Rail services, so you can gain access to data on NR services throughout the Greater London area (live departure boards, journey planner, etc.). From what I can tell, it all works in much the same was as the TfL website.

    • Transport for London's Developer area. This should give you access to the aforementioned information, and stuff such as Tube service updates, the Journey planner allowing you to plan journeys throughout the Greater London area, live departure boards within the GL area, etc. Syndication Developers' area | Transport for London. The TfL Journey Planner is available in "normal," web-form at TfL Journey Planner if anyone would like to try it out to see how it works, and what sort of information is returned which could hopefully be implemented into an app.
    • The TfL API. I think this is the same as the above, but might be packaged up into a more usable form. Not being so technically minded, I'm not entirely sure. Probably worth a look though. Transport for London API Profile
    • A tube routing feed somebody's made up for a private project, I think. The London Tube Routing API & RSS Feed -
    • An API of some sorts for National Rail live departure boards. Net::NationalRail::LiveDepartureBoards -
    • Example of screenscraping the National Rail website for GPS coordinates of train stations. National Rail (UK)
    • A National Rail journey planner for the whole of the UK (not just Greater London) which works by screenscraping the main NR website. Doesn't seem to have an API, but it may be useful in some way. Accessible UK Train Timetables

    Hopefully some of these may prove useful?

    Living in the Greater London area myself, I'd love to see an app which would let me plan journeys in the area via TfL's journey planner, see live departure boards, etc. It would be an absolutely must have app.
    For developers' reference, the area has a population of over 7.5 million people, so hopefully plenty of Pre owners there!
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    Or how about some UK specific apps in general, the majority of apps currently available are geared more to American market.
  13.    #13 has live departure info for the whole uk ( bus and rail), you need to email to request access to the api (see above) but this is being promoted as part of a drive to open up government data,
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    Route planners for public transport, car travel & flights has full journey planning for the whole uk
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    Did everyone in the uk get the Palm Europe e-mail last night? Well I did and underneath the main picture of apps it had a button 'learn more', clicking this takes you to the Palm uk site showing a number of apps, one being an apparently functional tube app but can not sem to find it in the catalogue and there is no meaningful info on the palm site.

    Anyone got any ideas?
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    I'd love to see this as an app. If not mentioned already a 'watch line' feature would be useful, i.e. I pretty much use the central line exclusively so I'd 'watch' it and receive alerts if anything was wrong.
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    WebOS in the UK is severely lacking in terms of regional features and services. I don't like to complain about Palm (this might actually be my first time), but in the UK there are 4 main big regional players in terms of entertainment for mobile phones and they are:

    1) BBC iPlayer (sort of like Hulu)
    2) Spotify (sort of like Pandora)
    3) TVCatchup (sort of like Hulu)
    4) Amazon MP3 Store

    None of these are available to us, yet all of them are available on Android, iPhone and even BlackBerry has recently updated to include some of these services.

    Palm need to understand their local regions, and the UK is severely lacking in this area.


    Edit: I have spoken to the developers of a TVCatchup application - they are some way through the process of creating their app for WebOS. The developer encourages you to contact him personally if you would like to use the app. He is very good at responding personally and I'm sure he'd like to hear from all of you.

    I won't post his email address here because I don't want it to get trawled by bots, but you can find his address on his website.
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    TVcatchup is in productions and alpha .1
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    I've sent a message to the mobile team at BBC Mobile to ask why they haven't got the BBC News app for the pre out when all other platforms have it. I expect to be told that i need to point my browser...blah blah blah. No Sky News, no Newspaper apps and no travel apps.....not good for the end user which means not good for Palm!
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    there is an M.E.N (Manchester evening news) app, maybe you could contact the company that developed it, to see if you can one created for your local newspaper.

    and I also contacted BBC over making it possible to use the iplayer on the palm pre, as it is very similar to the iphone, so wouldn't take much work to make it on the pre, i shall update if I get a reply
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