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    I used the amazing 720mHz patch for a few days and I really loved speed and stability.
    The only thing that didn't improve was my GSM connection.
    It dropped completely from time to time as if reception got a lot worse and the device was unable to get a data connection from time to time.
    I was forced to uninstall the patch and now it's back to normal, but I miss the extra speed!

    Can other GSM users confirm my experiences?
    Is it possible that the GSM-module cannot handle the higher speed?
    Is it possible it can be fixed?

    (The devices temperature was not higher than normal and the rest of the device was very fast and stable.)
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    The clocking can cause issues with WAN stability. That may be what you're seeing. This is something I was explicitly warned about by a contact at Palm for my kernels.

    Cheers, Steve
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    That's a pity - I guess untill you find a solution for that (if you even go through the hustle to search for one ) overclocking is a no go for me.
    Not much use for a freaking fast phone if I can't make calls xD
    Thanks for the great work anyways!
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    Where are you?, as I'm on O2 in the UK and have not noticed any problems using the 800 file.

    I'll keep an eye on my connection to see if it's affected, but so far it seems OK.

    PS, if you set the location in your user CP it helps others to relate to your posts
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway

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