I have used and followed KBasic for a long time. Its basically a BASIC language tool, but you can use either QBASIC, VB6, VBVBVB.$net$ $or$ $KBASIC$ $language$ $syntax$ $to$ $develop$ $an$ $app$. $They$ $have$ $a$ $tool$ $box$ $like$ $Visual$ $Basic$ $does$. $Its$ $a$ $RAD$ $environment$ $and$ $its$ $actually$ $cheap$. $It$ $is$ $compiled$ $for$ $Windows$, $Mac$ $and$ $Linux$ $and$ $you$ $can$ $program$ $for$ $one$ $system$ $and$ $it$ $would$ $still$ $compile$ $and$ $work$ $for$ $another$ $system$.

I know if enough members like the idea, he would attempt to looking into developing for the Pre.

Take a look here and express that you would want this for the Pre: www.KBasic.com • View topic - embed KBasic project to palm?